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Wind Power

Many Hudson Valley residents are adding solar panels to their roof or yard, but not many are able to add a 144 foot tall wind turbine.  

I was able to do just that on my own property. Ten years ago (April 2012), I was on a roll with my own business, Jessica Bard Culinary Services.  My tag line was “Write-Style-Taste-Test” and that’s exactly what I was doing having a blast in my newly renovated barn kitchen, recipe testing entire cookbooks, recipe and food writing for magazines and food styling and hosting photo shoots. My husband, Callum Benepe, was really interested in alternate energy sources and researched wind power versus solar power. He had our property tested for wind currents over time and turned out we qualified for the turbine. As a woman-owned business, I also qualified for a NYSERDA grant. Thanks to Greta at Hudons Valley Wind and Solar, and Mark Mayhew of NYSERDA it all came together, let's not forget the 4 tons of concrete anchor below.  We still had to front a lot of our own money but the idea was to make it back – in energy savings-- within 10 years! 

I think we’re pretty close, but we are still working up the financial picture. Stay-tuned as we gather all the data. Our goal is to be ready to announce our findings by Earth Day April 2012, the actual 10 year Anniversary of harnessing  wind power. 



But here's the direct link to Bergy, designer and fabricator of the system itself in Oklahoma, USA



New York State has many resources to assist homeowners and business to transition to renewable energy sources. Check out their info site.


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