Jessica Bard is a photographer living in the Hudson Valley.  Her current imagery finds a home on Instagram as @jessicatylerbard, but her passion is “re-visioning” her body of work from the 1980’s.  As a girl skateboarder, punker, and clubber in New York City and its’ environs, Jessica captured the scenes of her teens and twenties with a naïve, but intuitive style of black and white reportage.


Key images from her massive archive have been sought out by filmmakers and are featured in award-winning skate and music scene documentaries: Godfathers of Hardcore, New York Hardcore Chronicles, OG: the Harry Jumonji Story, and DeathBowl to Downtown: The Evolution of Skateboarding in New York.


Beyond the bounds of the gritty city, Jessica was lucky to have a family home in the Hudson Valley where she could embrace the antidote in nature photography.  She now resides at the same family homestead with husband, daughter, and cats (who have their own Instagram accounts).

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