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Exhibition 2016

Documentary Film - New York Harcore


Somehow during high school, on weekends that I didn't go home to the country, I went to CBGB's Sunday Matinees.  I had made a few hardcore music scene freinds and really got into the music and energy. I was not interested in being in the moshpit but drinking in the energy from the edges. And I had my camera...


Documentary Films

Exhibition at Villa Noailles, Hyeres, France (Feb 20-Mar 20, 2016)

The the curators at Villa Noailles, France ( - an art center famous for its building and exhibitions, chose a group of critics and architects to present skatepark projects and their many links with urbanism, sociology and architecture through History : evolution of shapes, practices and appropriations. This exhibition, dedicated to the skateboard parks and spots, considered on an architectural point of view, will be held from the 20th February till the 20th of March. 

Instagram- How I got my Mojo back!

The day I ruined my entire camera bag full hard-earned bodies adn lens with an exploding bottle of seltzer, I stopped shooting except for color snap shots. I finally got a point and shoot digital camera and embraced Picas on my computer. I didn't want a camera phone  until I got an iPhone and had a kid! Now I shoot about 1000 pictures a day. I post about once a week on instagram and once a great while on FB. I know my friends- especially those in far away palces, would love to see more of me and my family life, I just haven't gotten the hang of it yet!  So Instagram feels just right to me. I feel like a real photographer again, like I got my photo-mojo back!  Everything I shoot is from my iPhone unless noted as an archive shot.

Check it out! INSTAGTRAM: jessicatylerbard


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