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My gratitude to the people who inspired me to be me.


Along the way, I made some great friends. Some are still in my life, some are just memories, like a dream. Some are dead, and some friendships have been rekindled through this process. The list is long but I must mention a few of the noteworthy skaters, graffiti artists, photographers, and musicians who encouraged me to “just be me”:  Pepe “Cochis” Torres, Charlie Samuels, Simon Benepe, Callum Benepe, Roger Miret, Vinny Stigma, Drew Stone, Andy Kessler, Enrique  “Kid Panama”, Scott Wohl, Steve Olsen, Alex Corporan, Ivory Serra, Ian Fraham, and George Spencer (GREATBOXERS) to whom I am grateful for inviting me to be in this group show and inspiring me to continue with my work!

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