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Jessica Bard

Chef and Photographer

Jessica Bard is a product development chef, recipe writer, and photographer. She is the design architect of, which is a work in progress while she works on her photography archive.


Rubi Rose
Lead Archivist

Rubi has been working on Jessica Bard's archive since 2012. She manages the physical and digital archive. Rubi works along side Jessica on the website and facilitating Jessica's works in films, print, and exhibitions.

If you would like to showcase Jessica's photography in an exhibition, film, magazine, or book please contact Rubi at:


Nathalie Tsai-Probst


Nathalie began working on Jessica's archive in the fall of 2019. Her skills have helped organize the physical archive further.

The design and layout for was created in collaboration with Jessica Bard, Rubi Rose and Wix.

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